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In south Florida, termites do more damage to homes each year than windstorms, fires and floods combined.  The Florida Department of Agriculture estimates annual totals in excess of $4 billion worth of damage by termites in recent years.  Your home is your castle and, for most of us, it’s also our biggest asset; don’t let it become lunch for the local termites. 

We offer tent-less termite treatments for termite infestations.  The advantages of tent-less termite solutions are many:

  • Much less invasive!  Tenting usually requires the homeowner to be away from the property for 3 days as well as involving a considerable amount of preparation work before the tenting can be done.
  • Long-lasting preventative protection!  While tenting kills all termites currently alive, it does not offer any protection against new termite infestations.
  • Significantly cheaper!  The cost involved with tenting is always much higher.

On A Mission Pest Solutions also offers installation and regular maintenance of termite baiting and monitoring systems, which provide yet another level of defense against termite activity.